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 The Weapons Master (Open)

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PostSubject: The Weapons Master (Open)   Tue Apr 28, 2009 5:09 am

It was a terrible thing. There were many terrible terrible things in the world of the ninja's, people died, family's were killed in front of their eyes. Wars were committed and people were raped and plundered by random criminals. There were many terrible things in the world but there was something more outrageous then anything else, "YOU WANT HOW MUCH FOR THIS RAMEN?!" Drahzar's eyes dropped to his bill as the waitress passed by him, the bill for his single bowl of ramen was insanely high, this would be the LAST time he ever ate hot food in a place like yukigakure. They were known to be a very cold village purely for the fact of the year long snow that always seemed to pour daily. It was a perfect setting for a criminal of Drahzar's caliber, he was indeed found wanting many times but never caught.

Grumbling he pulled out his wallet, or...someones wallet. He stopped counting how many wallets he had picked off of corpses. "Yeah and im the criminal..." He said in a low mocking tone to himself, the prices really were overated. Pulling out the wallet he was pleasantly surprised to find that this wallet wasn't his, and the guy he had taken it from was loaded. He saw various gazes into the wallet filled with cash. Placing what he owed on the counter he walked out and placed the wallet back in his pocket. He then continued to walk outside out into the cold snow in which he was not surprised to see that he had multiple people follow him out, leading them around into an alleyway he saw the faces of hunger on them, it was pathetic really. He heard blades being drawn and he knew they expected any fool not to hear them being drawn and for him to simply fall. Yawning he drew his blade and with one fluid back slice he had slit the first throat, but he was not done with this one, his back still turned to them he pushed his blade into the mans chest and it quickly slid in and out of the mans left lung.

They had expected to charge in and skewer a helpless opponant, when they were found with an armed deadly opponent they slowly reconsidered. Trying to slowly slide their weapons away, as if drahzar was forgiving. Drahzar simply turned to them and his mouth formed a slim grin, his pure white teeth worked with the snow. Gaining chakra to the bottom of his feet he used his natural speed to leap across the wall landing at the entrance of the alleyway, it was a dead end the way drahzar had been going originally, but now there was no escape for the men, the two that were left. Their eyes opened wide as they wildly drew their swords. Drahzar met their resistance with high slice that changed direction mid strike, now aiming for the mans wrist, it succeeded. Cleanly slicing the hand the man was left with a stump. Twirling himself he sliced the mans head in two, cleanly severing the mans head from the nose up. The only man that was left did something that surprised drahzar, he dropped to his knee's and began praying. It was a pitiful thing really, it was like committing suicide, a cowardly act. Drahzar simply sighed and spoke in a disappointed tone, "There is no God...Only Man..." He said as he dropped his sword onto the mans head, slicing him in two from the head to the crotch. Yawning he sheathed his blade and turned around as the man split in two. The only thing left was the bodies in the snow, and the red that was permantly stained upon the ground. Yawning Drahzar looked around, maybe there would be someone who would want to have a decent conversation.
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The Weapons Master (Open)
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