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 up to no good again (open to anyone)

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PostSubject: up to no good again (open to anyone)   Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:41 am

"YEAH!!!!!!!" Tatsumaki said as he runs around the residential zone. Cramina his best friend looks around just hoping that they wouldnt get into trouble. "Shhhhhh tatsumaki your getting too loud and you know how the villagers are" Carmina said as she pulls Tatsumaki back causing him to fall back and hit his head against the ground. Bitting on his bottom lip Tatsumaki gets up in pain, he looks at Cramina and said "hey what was that for Im just trying to have fun why dont you just leave me alone hmph". Cramina sighs and cross her arms, "ok but if you get into any type of trouble I wont back you up this time, so your on your own" she said as she walks away. Tatsumaki sticks his tongue out at her. Tatsumaki's pet owl looks at with a disapointed expression on his face. "Im sorry Omi buts its her fault that she acts like she dont want to have any fun by getting into trouble.

Tatsumaki once again ran around then he paused for a second since he saw the old mans shop. The elder sees Tatsumaki and gets angry telling him to get the hell away from him and his shop. Tatsumaki get angry and then form hand seals. "WAIT!!! kid what are you DOING!!!" the elder said noticing the hand seals. Tatsumaki mocks the old man then he shouts Faia Kasui No Jutsu; making small mass of fire in his hands then he throws the flame to the shop causing it to burn down. Flame Haze said "well gotta go", he runs out of the shop area and hides behind a neighbor's tall fence.

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PostSubject: Re: up to no good again (open to anyone)   Sun Jan 18, 2009 2:28 am

OOC: I'm Bored. So you are going to entertain me of your fast and easy DEATH! ^^

Hwoarang the Uchiha, watch the stupid little foolish young boy set a small fire in the shop. "Heh, this village is filled with weaklings". Hwoarang said. Wearing his Group's outfit and the hat hiding his face so no one saw his identity.

Suddenly, Hwoarang appeared infront of the boy. "You and this village is weak. You must die and so must the rest, So that I can take back this village and restore WHAT WAS MINE!"


Hwoarang did hand signs, making the child now blind. He then took out his Katana and charged at the boy. He went for a stab at the boy's stomach. Surely Hwoarang would hit and the boy would die a horrible death.

ooc: just to let you know.....your dead right way a Genin can survive that especailly againsts a S-rank criminal ^^. So now just post your character's death. And try to make a higher rank character. Maybe they will allow you to create 1 ^^


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PostSubject: Re: up to no good again (open to anyone)   Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:54 am

ooc: i cant believe you would fight a genin lol i guess you were really that bored but thanks because i get to make a new character. I guess your character like going after the weak shinobi's. -_-.
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PostSubject: Re: up to no good again (open to anyone)   

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up to no good again (open to anyone)
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