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PostSubject: Ranks   Sun Jan 25, 2009 11:39 pm


    Academy Student-You still haven't made your character. Make it and we will change that banner.

    [e]Genin:Rikui[criminal]:Shoi[ss]-You've just graduated. Congrats.

    [d]High Genin:Rui[criminal]:Chui[ss]-You're higher in rank, but no real difference.
    `Available by Request

    [c]Chuunin:Chuui[criminal]:Taii[ss]-Congratulations! You've passed the Chuunin Exams. You might make it to Jounin, should you last that long.
    `Chuunin exams pass only

    [b]Special Jounin:Juui[criminal]:Shosa[ss]-You're getting up there, but you didn't quite pass the Jounin Exams
    `Available by Request with 600 word RP

    [a]Jounin:Joui[criminal]:Chusa[ss]-Guess what? You've made it to a leadership position! Take charge of a team and set out on missions.
    `Jounin exams pass only

    [a]Anbu-Elite Jounin. Available only in a village. You set out on more dangerous missions and normally on your own. You guard the Kage in times of War, never leaving their side.
    `Request only with 1000 word RP

    [s]Sannin:Sani[criminal]:Shosho[ss]-You are a Sannin...the highest obtainable rank outside of Kage. You can do what you please and outside your Kage, nobody can tell you what to do, and even then you do what you want. Nobody messes with you without a death wish.
    `Available by 1500 word RP, Anbu required


.the world I rule is mine.soon it will be your coffin
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