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 .:Minor Villages

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PostSubject: .:Minor Villages   Fri Nov 28, 2008 12:25 am

The Contest for Minor villages is set to begin. Control of villages is as follows and will be updated periodically.

    Hoshigakure - Kirigakure
    Yukigakure -
    Yugakure - Kumogakure
    Otogakure - Oni:Shibousha Shousha
    Kusagakure - Iwagakure
    Takigakure - Sunagakure
    Amegakure - Konohagakure

A system is to be set down as will be rules.

    [1]Only one country may control a Minor Village at a time.
    [2]Only one country can invade a country at one time
    [3]Allied Nations cannot attack together but can inhabit the same country though only one village will have the true control
    [4]The last part of rule 3 only applies if the allied nation has no other Minor Village to retreat to
    [5]If one country takes control of a majority of the Minor Villages an Admin may temporarily repeal Rule 2


    Each Minor Village will start with a basic Headquarters. The Headquarters is a stronghold that can only be breached under certain circumstances. In addition the controlling village may upgrade their stronghold by spending points earned by taking over other minor villages. These points must be turned over to an Admin who will update the village's stronghold's level.

      Level 1: Basic stronghold. Wooden walls with nothing else.
      Level 2: Upgraded Basic Stronghold. Wooden walls with steel reinforcing.
      Level 3: Stronghold. Concrete walls.
      Level 4: Tough Stronghold. Concrete walls with Iron Re-bar.
      Level 5: Ultra Stronghold. Iron walls.

    To upgrade to each new level a new amount of points is necessary.

      Level 1: Auto
      Level 2: 2 Points
      Level 3: 5 Points
      Level 4: 15 Points
      Level 5: 30 Points

    Each Level can only be broken down by certain means.

      Level 1: 10+ Nin Attacking Village
      Level 2: 15+ Nin attacking village
      Level 3: 20+
      Level 4: 25+
      Level 5: 35+

    When a village is taken over, that Minor Village's Stronghold gets torn down and starts from scratch.


    When attacking the invading village must contact an Admin. The Admin will then Roll two dice to see if the invading village even gets to attack. Both numbers must match as is the same for all requests.


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.:Minor Villages
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