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Iwa Anbu
Iwa Anbu

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PostSubject: Kurogane   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:28 pm

Name: Hyuuga Kurogane(kuro for short)

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Height: 5 feet,5 inches
Weight: 110 pounds
Birthday: November 11

Country of Origin and Village: Iwa

Rank: Anbu

Chakra Affinity/Specialty: //Wind and Water , Specialty: Ninjutsu and Genjutsu


Character has Black short hair and usually wears a red and black.he has Brown eyes.he has a sword thats is tied to his belt.dont know how to describe anymore then that o.o

Kuro is usually seriouse to to his past though put a smile on his face once in a while.Durin battle,kuro usually likes to play with his opponents before he kills them and like to enjoy his prey.


He likes to battle and enjoy it as much as possible before he kills his oppnent by torchering them.he also likes to go on missions.


Talking,waiting,being in a hurry.fighting higher ranks than himself


Goals: To Kill King Luro From the Tree village

Enemies (Optional): N/A at the moment


Fighting higher ranks than himself making his battle harder.

Regrets (optional): Killing his parents by being forced by the king Luro

History:Kuro was a happy and full-spirited boy when he was about four.he had lived in the village of Tree.It was a very small village that was in the fire country.he was friends with everyone.he had joined the academy at age 6 becouse his parents wanted him to be a ninja to protect the small village of Trees.he had been in the academy for four years until he finally had graduated and was in a squad.he had done very well as a ninja and became good friends with his comrades.kuro had then travelled to Konoha to take the chuunin exa,s and passed at age 12.Kuro was now a chuunin but very small,wasnt sent on missions alone.he had been giveng the rank of jounin at age 17 and thats when the horrible day had come.usually,when ninjas come to the rank of jounin,the king Luro would give them a mission that they must do if they wanted to live.Kuro's mission was to kill his own parents.Kuro had denied it but was still he had to do it.Kuro left not trace of it being him and he was always alone.always so angry.Ever since that day,He wanted to kill the king but he never knew how.Two years later,Kumo ninja invaded the village and thats when kuro made his move.he had assasinated King Luro's wife.thats all kuro could do at the moment sicne Luro wasnt no where in sight.Kuro even left a note saying it was him.Then kuro left..Kuro then founf himself in iwa 3 days later and decided to stay.he had told the Kage of iwa his story and noticed he had been throught alot.he offered him the rank of Anbu after his 1 year of stay.

Bloodline History

Kurogane's parents lived in the Konoha with the rest of the Hyuuga clan until a war began.they then left the village to start a new life since there family had died during the had to leave that behind and started a new life in the village of Trees.Kuro was born 2 years after they had lived there and got to know everyone.His father was a retired ninja.he had quit ever since they stayed in the village of Trees.Kuro's dad has been teaching kuro how to use the byakugan and its techniques since he was the age of 6.kuro quickly mastered the skill ane became very good at the uses of Byakugan.

current life:Kuro now lives in an apartment around the center of the village.he is living pretty Valdeo Valrogue and had made a couple of new friends.he wished to continue he in the village of Iwa and hopefully forget his horrible past.

Kekkei Genkai (optional)
I am part of the Hyuuga clan and i have Byakugan

Sample Roleplay:

Kurogane had been walking in the forest during that dull afternoon, being sent out on a mission in the Land of Waves. Kuro took a glance in the sky but didnt see much do to all the light green leaves that had blocking kuro's view, so he then jumped and lightly landed on one of the top branches of a dark brown tree. He had now seen the sky clearly, It was a nice light Blue color with no clouds in sight. It made kuro smile but seconds later, the ninja started to hear thunder from afar and his smile faded away. Kuro looked straight ahead and continued his journey.


Player Contacts:
IM: Sasukethemasta

Not done yet really.i have no idea what im suppose to put for the Kekkei Genkai i suppose to ass information about the clan??? and i need to ask to be join for the clan becouse thats what it says so other than that,i got everything else..

Last edited by Kuro on Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:42 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Kurogane   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:37 pm

i think the Kekkie genkai part is about how you got it, used it, ect.....

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Number of posts : 48
Registration date : 2008-10-16

Character sheet
Character Age: 28
Character Gender: Male
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PostSubject: Re: Kurogane   Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:49 pm

meh, looks good to me, approved

100 Chakra
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PostSubject: Re: Kurogane   

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